Gone But Not Forgotten: Remembering  Loved Ones Online

It has long been thought that the internet is a tool of division and isolation. To some extent, this is true. The internet has affected how we conduct personal and meaningful social interactions. However, be that as it may, this technology has also given countless grieving people an opportunity to find healing through remembering their loved ones on the internet. How you may ask? Through virtual cemeteries. Virtual cemeteries are online spaces where loved ones grieve together in commemoration of loved ones. Some are in the form of websites and others are in the form of apps. Either way, these virtual platforms allow the bereaved to immortalize the memory of their loved ones, and access those memories whenever they please. In this sense, where the internet may indeed be divisive, virtual cemeteries unite and foster relationships and healing. In today’s world, they could serve as an important agent for complete healing. Keep reading to find out more!

The Necessity for Virtual Cemeteries

Cemeteries and memorials serve a purpose for the dead, but more so for the living. They allow the bereaved to always remember their loved ones who have passed away. The act of enacting a memorial can be one of the most important steps in the long healing process that the bereaved go through once they lose their loved ones. That being said, memorials have become an expensive affair. The financial stress involved in this process, which is supposed to be healing and cathartic, often detracts from its purpose, leaving the bereaved to languish in pain long after the process is done. Virtual cemeteries are a cheaper way to remember a loved one. Moreover, because they are more private and intimate, they really allow you to mourn, remember and cherish the memory of your loved ones.

Having Access to Your Loved One’s Memories

Traditional memorials have to affix to land. They are immovable and as such, you physically have to visit the memorial site to access memories of your loved ones. This becomes a problem when you don’t leave near where the memorial was enacted. Moreover, sometimes grief strikes without warning. During those moments physical memorials will not help. Because virtual cemeteries are online, you have access to them everywhere you are. When grief strikes, you can access the memory of your loved ones on your phone as you travel or on your computer at your workplace. This kind of convenience goes a long way in your healing process. The memory of your loved ones may be painful, but psychologists agree that that pain is a bearable sacrifice to always remembering your loved ones.


Memorials that are permanently fixed on land are prone to the elements. Over time they will wear off. More alarmingly, in the event of natural disaster, they may be completely forgotten. Think of all the tombs of the olden days that have been discovered in bad shape. Virtual cemeteries, on the other hand, will exist for eternity. Because they are virtual, the memory of your loved ones will persist, and be available for posterity. They allow your loved ones to be gone, but never forgotten!

Environmentally friendly

Virtual cemeteries do not need any natural resources to exist. In that sense, they are a greener way of remembering your loved ones. If this is something that is at the core of your heart or was important to your loved ones, then it’s one more reason to go the virtual way!


In today’s digital era, almost all our memories are softcopy. Think of videos, photos, etc. You cannot place soft copy memories in a memorial. Moreover, there’s only so much real estate to work with when you want to truly express what the loved one meant to you through writing. Virtual cemeteries remove this problem. In many online sites designed for this purpose, you may post the photos and videos of your loved ones to be remembered forever. Because other people who were close to the loved one may also have access to this platform, they too may post their feelings and tributes online in a consolidated fashion. Virtual cemeteries also offer features that would normally be available in tangible cemeteries like flowers and headstones.

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